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Friday, July 1, 2011

Let's declare some independence.

What do we depend on?

There are some basics. Gravity to keep us from flying off this spinning ball, of course. An oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere. Food and water...

But what other things are we dependent upon for our daily existence, maybe things we don't even think about? Cars or motorcycles or bikes to get us to the places we need to go. Incomes from our employment or businesses.

How about the things we depend on for our runs, rides, swims? Shoes (for some of us), clothing, a venue for such activity, a bike.

When the colonies declared their independence from an oppressive English government, they were casting off things which held them back from living their lives as they saw fit. Things which were dictating their existence in a way that made life untenable.

So what is the "oppressive government" that is getting in the way of living your athletic life as you see fit?

What are some of the things you could declare independence from that would take your training where you want it to go?

Drop a comment and let me know.

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