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Monday, July 18, 2011

I think I'm cursed, or something...

Maybe I should stop signing up for races... Though it's only two data points, I'm noting a disturbing trend in my legs related to signing up for events -- I tend to get hurt the day after I sign up.

Okay, really with this go-round, I'm not totally sure what's going on. I mean, I know it's the soleus muscle, the same one I strained a few weeks ago... And I know I probably shouldn't have done over 7 miles on it yesterday morning... I managed to get through that by going really slow and altering my gait to try to keep from stretching it. It's more than just "sore" from workouts. That kind of pain goes away with a warm-up.

I stopped to stretch and massage it, and it just kept getting tighter and more painful.

And during the Warrior Dash, it felt fine. But I was also running very slowly, and walking a lot (much of it wasn't "runable").

So that whole "run every day" thing I was thinking of... Well, I made it a week.

My wife told me that the RD for the aquathon series may be canceling the first event. That could be a good thing for me. It's in two days. I might be able to do it anyway, if I can get the muscle relaxed and stretched out (and run with that altered gait). We'll see.

And Eric seems to have the same kind of thing happening. He was supposed to do an Oly tri on Saturday. On Thursday, he twisted his ankle on a run, and a doc visit said he'd torn some ligaments and chipped a bone. He says he's going to have to be "down for the count for a couple weeks".

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