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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Laughter and overthinking

Hear that sound? That's me laughing at myself.

So just two days ago I posted about the Warrior Dash, and contemplating the shoes I'd wear for the event...

I had asked my wife what shoes she was planning on wearing. "I thought I'd wear the ones in the garage."

Oh... yeah... OLD shoes. Ones for which she truly doesn't care what happens.

So that sent my thoughts in a whole different direction: how about looking at my OLD shoes that I wouldn't care about? I've got a couple pair of those still. And I remembered seeing something about having shoe donation barrels there... Why not just donate the shoes after the race?

I'd been seriously overthinking it. And I really have to laugh at myself.

That pretty well sealed it. I think I can tolerate the course in those old shoes.

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