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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Merrell does it again, and again, and...

I wish I were in Jason Robillard's position -- getting to see first hand, touch and pick up, maybe even test, the new offerings of coming shoes before they hit the market. He spilled the beans on Merrell's 2012 line-up in his post for today. And I've got to say... It looks beyond promising. And there hasn't been a hint of the coming line on Merrell's website.

Was Merrell listening when I wrote
my piece on what I'd like to see changed in the Trail Glove? It would seem so, not so much that they've changed the Trail Glove, but they've introduced new models for next year that have addressed every issue I have with these great shoes.

First up is the Road Glove, which looks to have done away with the massive undercut at the 5th metatarsal, and filled in the area under the lateral arch. Goodness.

Next is the Edge Glove, which shares the above features with the Road Glove, but is a casual-oriented shoe (and would become my every-day shoe if it is available in black).

And the Rapid Glove looks like Merrell's answer to the Vibram Five Fingers, just without the individual toe pockets. Made as a water-sports shoe, this may become a favorite among those running in wet climates (uh... Seattle?).

Good news indeed.

Shoe lust all over again.

Jason... I'm jealous.

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