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Monday, July 4, 2011

Baffled, chapter 2

Yesterday, my wife and I timed a 5K in Sunland Estates, a little community on the way to the Amphitheater in George, WA. We were very impressed.

This was also a first-time event, put together by John and Sandy Case, that threaded its way through the little community, right along the Columbia River. Sunland is tucked away out of sight of ANY major thoroughfare. In fact, if you weren't consciously headed there, you'd probably think you were about to drop off a cliff into the river. I rather imagine it was founded by some one who saw a little flat spot along the riverbank from their boat and thought, "This would be a great place to build a house! But how the heck would you get there?"

Here's what impressed us the most -- John had 200 race numbers, and we were arriving the night before the race with some extras "just in case". Well, it's a good thing we did, because by the time the evening was over, he was at 210 regitrants. That evening saw the entire town in celebration mode, with much drinking, live bands in the park (which entertained the entire community), and people out all night.

On race morning, we set up the race site at the park (there is only one), battled the wind that kicked up about a half-hour before race time, and when it was all said and done, there were 192 official finishers.

One Hundren Ninety Two. In a tiny communit. After an all-night party. A first-time race. With a normal entry fee. And no support from the community council.

I refer you back to my earlier
Baffled post, where the Army Strong 5K managed to draw 54 runners and walkers from what I believe is the second-largest city in Washington. For a FREE event.

I blows my mind.

John and Sandy put on a first-class event, with finishers medals, trophies, T-shirts, and a great spread post-race.

I just want to know how he got the entire town to show up for the race.

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