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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Triathletes and old people

On a ride with my friend Eric yesterday (while he put the screws to me -- my biking endurance not what it should be), he mentioned how he had gone to the YMCA to swim that morning, and how the pool was almost empty, except for the old people.

So this was the morning of July 4th, the previous evening having sounded like I was in a war zone for all the booms and screams of fireworks well into the night. WELL into the night. Much like the community party that we'd witnessed on Saturday in Sunland Estates, people were beyond willing to celebrate all weekend. Meaning the roads were pretty empty (in fact they were very empty well into the evening). Hard to get up early on the-morning-after-the-night-before.

So who gets up early? Yup... Triathletes and old people. People for whom it's more difficult to change the sleep schedule, or maybe just unwilling. Priorities and all that. Those who want to get the training in before family time, and those who were raised on Ben Franklin's "early to bed and early to rise" mantra.

And the parking lots at work this morning were pretty empty as well. Fireworks and celebrations taking precedence over saving the vacation time. The haze of smoke still hung in the air as I motored my way into work, like a bluish fog. I could smell the remnants of gunpowder...

The day is going to be warm. My mind is on my run coming up in about an hour. The haze still hangs. It should be fun. Me and the old people...

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