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Monday, July 11, 2011

The coming weekend, and streaking.

After a weekend of race work, which saw ferry rides, long-ish drives, early mornings, and even a movie with my daughter (in which I miraculously stayed awake), I found Monday morning staring me in the face. Time to go back to work. I feel like I've been on a full weekend binge, exhausted, and I didn't even run. Wow...

Coming up this next weekend? Only one event, one I get to run in instead of run. And it starts at a civilized hour!

On Saturday: Warrior Dash, North Bend, WA, noon wave. From what I've read, it's more mud bath, with brief forays out of the mud to crawl over some man-made barricades, followed by a party. Not so much a race. Which is just fine with me. But which footwear to use? Hmm...

I'm a little torn on this...

One: The Merrell Trail Gloves, because they'll fit best, are least likely to be sucked off my feet in the mud (though from what I've seen, it'd been pretty soupy and not the shoe-sucking variety). They'll stay light, and should drain easily.

Two: The Saucony Kinvaras, because they're old and at the end of their useful life. Meaning I won't have much heartache if they get completely ruined on the run.

Both of these shoes will let the muddy water in pretty easily, though.

I'll make the final decision later this week.

On top of that, I think I'm going to start a "run every day" program, beginning with 30 days. A "streaking" phase, for lack of a better term (you all probably thought I was talking about something else). All it entails is running some every day. Making a streak of consistent running days. As little as one mile qualifies, and I may be doing some of that in the later evening hours. My calves are behaving, and I'm thinking I'm near 100%, or at least very close to where they were before the strain. With two 6-milers last week, I think I'm ready to start stepping up the distance again.

The jump in frequency leads to an increase in mileage and trains recovery.

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