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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Last night, I did my first test of the calf. I could say I ran, but really it was more of a wog -- short jogs interjected into a walk. Overall it was about 2.5 miles, with a good 1.5 of that in "jog" mode. Doing this per the Calf Heart Attacks article that I found a little while ago. I've had two massages, with one more scheduled for Thursday.

Jake was my accomplice, and my pace always suffers a bit when I run with him. Maybe because I'm paying more attention to keeping him reigned in and less on keeping my pace up. Dropping your guard means he starts taking the lead.

I wore the Kinvaras, mostly because I wanted a little heel lift. I walked up to the local elementary school, which has a cinder track around a soccer field, then started walking around. A half lap in I started the test. I started in on a light jog, keeping the steps short and the cadence up, concentrating (as much as I could with Jake along) on keeping my lower legs relaxed.

Interestingly, my left calf felt better than my right.

After a few laps on the track, I continued on with my neighborhood-road 1.5 mile loop (which includes a couple small hills). I did more jogging on the roads, which went fine, but didn't feel as good as the cinder track.

So I passed this initial test, and there are no negative after-affects this morning. No soreness or tightness. I'll do some self-massage and stretching anyway, though.

I'm thinking that maybe I'll try a "run every day" plan in a while, once I get back on my feet, so to speak. If things go well, I may look into a September half. But for now, it's one day at a time.

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