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Monday, June 27, 2011


I just don't get it.

Yesterday morning, my wife and I timed the Army Strong 5K at Ft. Stielacoom Park. Made to increase awareness of a more fitness oriented lifestyle, it was put together by JBLM, with military organization and support.

This was a FREE event. With awards. And schwag. On a beautiful day.

Fourty people pre-registered. Many of these didn't show up. Maybe 20 showed up for day-of registration. Total field at the start: 54.

Granted, pre-registering required the patience of a saint, with some 10+ screens to go through just to get to where you had to create an account for JBLM and then find the race site. But still, show up on race day for a free event, and there was a good chance you could do well.

The course was probably 50% on grass and dirt/gravel trails, the remainder on a paved path around the lake in the middle of the park. Not flat, but not ridiculously difficult either. One woman managed it pushing a double jogging stroller. And pregnant. The winner crossed the line at about 18:30. Eric did it (I told him about it on Friday -- he hadn't even heard about it) and finished 7th overall in a PR time.

Sure, the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon was the same day. But COME ON PEOPLE! The event was FREE!

I would have loved to run the event. Maybe next year.


Anonymous said...

actually...the Rock'N'Roll race was the day before... :-D

brider (aka David) said...

I stand corrected.