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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A great article. "Calf Heart Attacks" by John Parker and progress in my wife's shoe search

There was a post on BeginnerTriathlete this morning that may well save me a lot of down-time. And it comes at a very opportune and fortunate time in my life -- I just happen to be dealing with the very thing this article is addressing.

Calf Heart Attacks by John Parker, published in Running Times. Okay, it's not specific to barefoot running, bareform running, shoes, or minimalism. But it IS specific to the injury, rehabbing the injury, and preventing it from happening again. Any one making the change to minimalist or bareform running KNOWS that the calves are making a big transition, and need some TLC. This is great stuff.

In other news, there was progress in my wife's shoe search. I had gotten a gift certificate for a new pair of shes at South Sound Running for winning the local 5K a couple months ago. I went in there on the evening that I registered for the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon, but they didn't have anything there that worked for me. So... I figured that maybe she could use it for a pair of new kicks.

We went in, told her story, showed them the shoes and insoles, the blisters... And the clerk there went back and brought out a couple pair of shoes for her to try on. Interestingly enough, the first one he put on her feet was the Asics 2160. I asked him why that particular shoe, and he said it was because it was the one that would likely fit her foot shape best. We made no indications previously that she had worn the predecessor to this shoe before with no injuries, so it was interesting that this was his first choice. And they felt great on her feet. She tried on the others, but they weren't as comfy.

So now she has new shoes. Hopefully they'll provide many happy miles.

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