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Friday, June 3, 2011

When it's best to not run...

We had planned to run in the Chicago Half Marathon tomorrow morning. There was mileage build-up, equipment, travel... We also had a reception for my wife's family in Danville (where she grew up) last weekend.

We got to Chicago last Friday, and immediately the temperatures soared into the mid-80's, with the usualy matching humidity. Being from Seattle, we are not acclimated to this. Add allergies, and some ongoing blister problems with my wife's shoes, and yesterday we made the tough decision to forego the race. I think it's the better decision, especially considering that she would be starting the event with painful feet. Obviously we have some shoe issues to iron out with her.

I know I could have run and finished the distance, even if my wife had not run, but that wasn't the purpose of doing this event -- I wouldn't have been satisfied with my time as a test given that I was basically trained to run a decent 8 mile time, but not a half marathon. I've got another one sceduled for August 6th, and have plenty of time to build up the mileage to do a real half-marathon test.

I wrote about running in this area last November, and though the temperatures are very different now, I am still remarking at the terrain. So far, though, the Altra Instincts are performing very well on the local roads.

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