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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Looking forward.

With the calf strain still on the mend, I'm contemplating races -- those I may be skipping and those I may do instead. With only 6-1/2 weeks to the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon, and still not starting back running yet, I think I'd be lucky to get enough training in to be able to finish the race, let alone post a time that I'd find respectable for myself. Yes, I know, that's still a long time and anything can happen.

Right. Like pushing things too quickly and re-injuring myself.

So I was looking ahead to other half marathons in the area towards the fall. I found two that are likely candidates:

Race for a Soldier, October 16, in Gig Harbor, $65
Ft Stielacoom Trail Run, October 23, in Tacoma, $35

The trail run looks intriguing to me, though the likelihood of posting a truly good time is less, even if I'm in great shape. Who knows -- maybe the solution is to do both?

Then there's the Seattle Half on Thanksgiving weekend, which has the very real chance of cold and wet weather... Not that the October dates don't have the chance of wet, but not so much cold.

I'm going to start the "rehab" phase for the calf strain this weekend -- Negative reps, lots off massage, and lots of easy stretching.

Tomorrow, though, is going to be something new. My wife and I, to celebrate her birthday, are going stand-up paddle boarding. Wish us luck, and her a happy birthday.

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