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Friday, June 24, 2011

It hurts so good!

I got a massage this morning. For free!

The company I work for has "Industrial Massage, Inc" come in to our building twice a week. It's called "deep tissue intervention"... I guess they know about my addiction.

I've taken advantage of them a couple times in the past, but decided to have a concentrated calf massage this time around.

Wow... One thing about giving yourself massage is that you have a tendency to back off the pressure before you really get to the good deep-tissue stuff. It hurts. Really hurts. When some one else does it, they kind take your grimaces and squirming as a sign that they're getting
close to the right amount of pressure. Just a little bit more, and they're there...

Yeah. Ouch.

I had to keep reminding myself to relax. And breathe. And not swear. Loudly.

But 15 minutes of prodding, probing, stroking... all with clothes on... and I felt a huge difference.

I immediately signed up for two more appointments next week.

No, the company I work for doesn't give out a free lunch, so no worries there. But I'll take a free massage.

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