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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Three runs of about the same distance in the Kinvara's, and everything is going well. I redid the lacing, so that the lowest two "eyelets" are loose, and only the top two cinch up. Gave my toes a little more breathing room. I am already seeing what will be the wear pattern on these shoes -- no wear at all in the heel area, and the outside edge along the 5th metatarsal will take 90% of the wear.

I'm seeing a lot of good press on the coming New Balance Minimus shoes, so those will be given a serious look when they finally make it to market (I'm not well-enough connected to score the free pre-market shoes for testing). Given the sole configuration on these, and the wear pattern that I'm seeing already on the Kinvara's, I think they'll be even better-suited to my particular running gait.

Saturday we fly to Chicago for a week, to spend time with my girlfriend's family. Will definitely take running gear with me... Will most likely be running all on pavement there.

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