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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

13.1? Maybe...

Lisa dropped a bomb on me last night... She asked what I'd think if she registered for an event. And then said the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon is on June 30th next year... I raised my eyebrows, and she quickly added "I'd only do the half."

Still... But she seems serious about wanting to do something significant around her birthday. I said I'd run with her.

My feet today were complaining a lot. Met heads feeling beat up. I think it was from trying on shoes last night -- raised heels putting me up on the balls of my feet. My run today went well, relaxed but not fast by any means.

I found some other possible shoes recommended by The Balanced Athlete in Renton -- Hoka... Never heard of that company before. French, I think. Look kind of like what you'd get if you took moon boots and made running shoes out of them. We'll see. At least they have the Kinvara in stock...

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