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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Okay, so Thursday turned out to be the day... New shoes. SHOOOOOOOZ! After spending much of the day on my feet (Seattle Pacific Science Center and the Harry Potter Exhibition), went to the Renton Landing, where The Balanced Athlete resides. They had the Saucony Kinvara and the Hoka... Well, my impressions of the Hoka weren't good at all. Sure, they were soft and stiff (felt like wearing the Boot, almost), but too tall (felt like I was unstable) and the rocker in the toe area made it feel like the group was falling away from me at toe off. So back to the Kinvara's... Ran in them, and there wasn't the crowding feeling at the little toe. At least nowhere near as much as my Air Max's.

I ran in them yesterday for the first time. Did my "usual" 4.5 mile route, and they felt fine. Pace was right on target, didn't feel like my toes were giving me any problems, and I think they're (more) stiff enough that I shouldn't have problems with the Frieberg's.

Saw a post on Runblogger this morning on the new Minimus Road shoe from New Balance. Looks promising to me, though I wonder about the forefoot flexibility. Would love to see a comparison between that one, the Altra road and the GoLite.

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