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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving in a different part of the country

Spending the week in Chicago (okay, actually the small towns west of Chicago), and it's been a weather roller coaster. On Sunday, I ran in shorts and a T-shirt, and it was in the 60's. Yesterday, it was clear and cold, and I ran/walked with Lisa before going out on my own. Windy and in the low 30's... I had to go in the house for a few minutes before I could go back out and run myself (which kept me a little warmer). I'm getting very comfortable with the 4-4.5 mile runs, so maybe it's time to start extending them, or even adding to the frequency. We'll see.

It's different here in the plains farm country. (1) Hills are a totally different concept. As in they don't exist. 2% gradient is "steep". It's interesting to come around a corner (one street to another) and see elevation gain, but then have to remind myself that it's spread over a half-mile or more (usually more), because that's how far you can see. Which leads me to the next point: (2) Sight distance... Wow. I've driven through the deserts of Utah, and it's kind of like that -- seeing a road arrow-straight to the horizon. Which isn't a bad thing necessarily. You can see cars long before they get to you, and they can see you long before then as well and have a lot of time to take aim... Not really. I don't know what the speed limit is on these unmarked back country roads, but I'm sure the locals are exceeding it liberally. Which is about the only "liberal" thing out here. And (3) the wind... I've been to the Tri-Cities in eastern Washington, and it's ALWAYS blown there. But here? It's howling. Horizontal rain. Hopefully that clears up for tomorrow's scheduled run.

The shoes? The Kinvara's are doing great. Starting to see some wear already, not excessive, just noticeable. The relacing was the ticket to make these shoes near perfect.

With the Merrel's barefoots, New Balance Minimus', Alta's, and GoLites (which I know are already out), next spring looks to be a good time to add to the shoe stable. If I can swing the cash.

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