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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shoe search

Okay, this is getting ridiculous.

After doing a lot of research on Runblogger, Science of running, the Born To Run site (and accompanying forum), various online blogs, stores, manufactureres... And touring all the local shoe stores, I've come to the conclusion they're all clueless.

The latest was South Sound Running, which I visited this afternoon. Not one low-drop shoe in the place, and the guy that helped me (a "biomechanics graduate") basically had me try on a lot of shoes and didn't listen at all to the low-drop and forefoot strike, though he did listen to the need for cushioning and a stiffer forefoot (due to past injuries).

Looks like the ones that might be best for me (assuming they fit) are the Newtons (ouch on the price -- no way I'm paying full retail on those) or the GoLite Flash Lite (or Amp Lite). I may be stuck ordering online and then returning if they don't fit. Still have a couple more places I can try somewhat locally -- Super Jock and Jill in Seattle, and Balanced Athlete in Kent.

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