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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm takin' what they're giving cause I'm workin' for a living

Some of you may be wondering how the interview went.

Well, we had our first day of employment at Mr. Crampy's Multisport last Saturday. I guess that means the interview went well.

The interview itself was pretty relaxed, much like the shop itself. Of the hour we were there, I think we talked a total of ten minutes between my wife and I. The rest of the time was spent with Kyle talking about the shop itself, and his vision for where he wants it to go in the future. I won't say that any one who was breathing would have gotten the job, but I think we fit what they were looking for pretty well -- some one who was customer-oriented, and knew a thing or two about the sports, and could turn a wrench.

The day went pretty well. Not that I was building bikes from bare frames all day or anything.

So now I'm also a professional bike mechanic. (Note -- I'm NOT a certified bike mechanic, but I know my way around them.)

And now I see that the Born to Run Store is looking for floor sales people...

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