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Friday, January 20, 2012

Belated Happy New Year

One things I've liked to do at the turning of the year is to reflect a bit on the past year and take a look ahead at the year to come. I'm not talking about New Year's resolutions. I've always figured that if you wanted to make some change, that you should just do it. There's nothing magical about January First that's going to make you stick to it any better than any other day. Except maybe February 30th.

Something about starting a new desk calendar, tearing off that last page of the previous year and opening up the box for the new one (this time I closed out a 1000 Places to See Before You Die calendar, and started an Argyle Sweater calendar -- both thanks to my sister) causes a pause, turning the head to see what was, maybe with a wan smile and a little sigh, and then project into what will be. In the best of all possible worlds that Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come isn't some hooded figure carrying a scythe.

This time around, though, it's a little difficult. Not to say that 2011 was a bad year. In fact, by all accounts it was a very good year. It's 2012 that's cloudy.

Starting the year injured can do that. I have a proposed running build up that will start early next month, assuming all is well, and it's very conservative. In fact, it doesn't have me running six miles straight until June. That is if I stick to it. I imagine I'll find some way to accelerate it. But the point is that, at least right now, I'm thinking conservatively with my running. I still have the long-term goal of running a half-marathon or two, a goal I had for 2011 which never happened (not for lack of trying).

The other thing is Lucky Cause Sports. I never knew that starting up a non-profit could be so... convoluted. There are a lot of hoops to jump through, and the process with the IRS is VERY slow. As in a minimum of 6 months. And the application fee is some $850! At least we're through the state hoops. That doesn't mean we can't operate as a non-profit, it's just that the tax exemptions via Uncle Sam will take a LONG time to come through. And so far, the company has been self funded. Meaning funded by us.

But even with all the uncertainty, one thing IS certain -- no matter how prepared or unprepared I am, the year will march on, and the time will pass

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