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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is this the best you've got?

I'm sitting on my couch at 6:30 on a Tuesday morning. Usually I'd be at work about now. Usually.

Friday, after posting, I went home for lunch. I'd planned to meet my wife for lunch, but she lost her house key while walking the dogs, and I had to come back to let her in. Our insurance company was insisting that we remove the moss from our roof (there isn't much, and I sweep it about twice a year). Our plan had been to do that in the afternoon after I got home, but with me already home, the opportunity was there. My wife, bless her, was insisting on going up to do it because I'm still booted from the periostitis/stress reaction in my shin. So up the ladder she went. And then down came the ladder, with her on it. She was writhing in pain, and I didn't know if she'd broken her leg or what.

I took her to the ER, and after some x-rays, it was determined that she had a bad sprin of the ankle. So now we're a matched set. It's even the same leg -- left. Good thing I was off crutches as of Wednesday.

Yesterday I got to work on time just fine. We'd gotten snow over the weekend, a rarity around Seattle, but my old 4 wheel drive Ford Escape (2001, 5-speed four banger) chugged out of my steep driveway without complaint, and the roads weren't bad at all. At about 10:45, just before lunch, it started to snow again. Big flakes that were moving almost horizontally. People were looking outside, and you could hear the tense jokes.

Now, I like snow. Really. I like running in it. I don't really even mind driving in it. It's nice to look at... I walked outside, and quoted Gary Sinise's Lt Dan Taylor, crying, "Is this the best you've got?"

Well... Not long after that, I had to head home to take my wife to a doctor's appointment. She can't drive. She can't put any weight on her foot at all. And we both have manual transmission cars.

I get home, we get ready, and head out to her car (she doesn't really like my car), but I can't get the boot to fit in the area of the clutch to push it far enough to even start the car. Plan B! We take my car. No problem -- it's already warmed up.

Get to the doctor's appointment fine, then stop for gas on the way home. Hop back in the car, turn the key, and... nothing. Barely even the "tick tick" of the starter.

So... We call the insurance company to get roadside assistance. About two hours later a tow truck arrives, and we get a short ride to Walt's. Battery is shot, and with it, possibly, the starter. All that would come to about 1/4 what the car is worth.

Eric and his wife come to pick us up and take us home.

And... it snowed another 4 inches over night, and it's coming down to beat the band right now. I'll need to shovel the drive before I'll be able to get my wife's car out. I think I'll wait for some daylight.

It hasn't been a great year so far... Hopefully it'll get better.

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derscott said...

That seems to happen to me as well. Every time I rage against the universe in some way, the universe piles it on. I've stopped complaining (mostly)... :-)

Hope you legs heals quickly!