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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Booting the boot

Today is a day of freedom. Freedom of movement. Freedom from the confines of the most rigid, most un-stylish, and most non-minimal shoe I've ever worn. And I've worn it all too often in my life. I think this makes five times...

Today, I gave the boot to the boot.

Yup, I'm back on my feet, though not quite running yet. I'm going to give myself another week to get the left leg back up to snuff before I start running on it.

Tuesday's physical therapy session went very well, and my PT found something interesting -- he said that what I was feeling during certain movements (mostly on a sideways push-off, like cutting right off of my left foot) was much like the lingering effects of a high ankle sprain. He put a single wrap of tape around my leg, about one inch above the malleoli (the protruding ankle bones), and the "pain" went away. I put pain in quotes because I can't really classify it as pain, but it was sensations that I felt were headed in that direction, in the same location as I had felt it before.

And the tape... About 1.5" wide black Physio-Tape. I'm considering adding a little box to the outside and telling people it's a prison tracking device.

Okay, maybe that isn't such a great idea.

So anyway, I rode my motorcycle in to work this morning. Just above freezing, but that's not so abnormal, as I ride in any weather not raining or icy. Though fog can be an issue.

But I'm FREE!

And looking forward to taking a walk at lunchtime.

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