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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A conversation on the road

My Kinvaras are close to giving up the ghost, at a documented 282 miles. Sunday's run kind of confirmed it. Not that there were problems, but they just didn't feel "right". I think the forefoot has compressed enough that the effective heel drop is well above the advertised 4mm (not to mention the additional 2.5mm from the insole, which they don't).

I could feel my heel wanting to hit too early, and the angle my foot wanted to take because of the compression was giving my metatarsals small fits. And I could feel the outer edge of the shoe pressing against my little toes...

On Saturday I was having a discussion with my wife (while we were doing a long walk) about my shoes. You know I have a "problem" when we're discussing "my" shoes... Well, it came about because I'd chosen to wear my hiking boots for the long walk (on a paved multi-use trail). I chose them because they would be the most comfortable for the distance -- 8.5 miles -- and not running. We did a little bit of running, and yeah they weren't the most comfy for that, but I made it just fine....


We were discussing my shoes, and why I chose the boots, and what I was going to wear for the half marathon in June (which she's planning on walking). I said that I would want different shoes than what I have. She asked why not my Kinvaras? Again, you know I have a problem when my wife knows the model name of my shoes... So I talked about the Saucony Peregrine (which addresses some of the issues I have with the Kinvara), the Altra Instinct, and some other potentials. It wasn't until WELL into the conversation that she realized I'd been thinking about these because the Kinvaras are about done. She thought I was plying for just another pair of shoes.

I'd never do that... :^)

Though she did mention that her latest pair of shoes cost about 1-1/2 times what mine do. To be completely fair, that included some Superfeet insoles.

And good news from Altra -- they've got their Instinct/Intuition model in their warehouse, and are in the process of getting them shipped out to the retailers. Which means that the Born to Run store in Bellevue should have them in a week or two. I'm betting two.

I see a road trip coming soon. Though it might have to be after the race we're timing at Green Lake in Seattle on April 9th. Hopefully they'll have the shoes then...

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