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Friday, April 1, 2011

Trail racing!

Last night I signed up for a trail run on April 30th: the Soaring Eagle Trail Run, the 10 mi option. And I'm completely jazzed about it. It'll be the first event I've participated in since early September last year, which was an Olympic distance tri.

This will be at the same park I wrote about just a couple weeks ago in Dream Running.

Sure, it's a race. And I'll put my best effort into it. But I also know that, at some point at the very least, I'll get lost in the total enjoyment of running there again. There's something so primal, so pure about running in the woods, especially on narrow trails not "improved" by man with gravel or (gasp!) asphalt, just runner and dirt. I'll also need to shake myself out of it, I'm sure, to keep my head in the game, to remember that it IS a race...

My longest run in... a long time... is just over 8 miles. But I've got a month. I could easily run 10 miles tomorrow (aside from the fact we're timing another race in the morning), but it wouldn't be fast. And I'd be at about my limit. Pushing our limits is what it's all about, right?

The weather has been horrendous lately. Rain has been a daily occurrence, with flood watches on many of the western Washington rivers. I don't think I've had a dry workout in over 2 weeks. Even though the park for the run is well up on a hill, I still hope the rains ebb this month. I think we're far ahead for the year. Even the ducks are complaining.

Whatever the conditions, we all have to run in the same stuff. I know for some that will present less of a challenge than others. Hopefully I'm more in the former category. So the next dilemma is what shoes to wear...

On another note, Pete posted about the coming Brooks PureProject lineon Runblogger. Looks interesting and promising. These are slated for fall release. Looks interesting and promising. These are slated for fall release, so we'll have to wait and see. More options is always good.

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