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Friday, March 18, 2011

A couple random things...

Today's run was an oddity.

This past Tuesday I'd forgotten to bring bike shorts and tights, so it would have been a cold ride...

Today, I brought bike shorts... for a run. I've run in bike shorts before. Maybe twice. I've heard of people doing it all the time. I guess they like to get in touch with their inner child and feel like they're wearing a diaper. Or, as Eric said, like they've dropped a load in their shorts. Same thing, I guess.

Then I also didn't wear knee warmers. It was barely warm enough for that, in my book. I like my knees. I want them to stay healthy as long as I can. So I try to keep them warm while running and biking.

Lastly, I wore some shoes I haven't worn in months. The old Nike Zoom... whatever they are. Truly, I don't remember the model name, which is kind of strange for me. Especially considering I bought two pair of them. Anyway, they're light, the sole reminds me a bit of the Free line (though much more open in construction), and the uppers are almost completely mesh.

So with all that going on, I pretty much felt strange from the waist down.

The shoes have more heel drop than I've grown used to, and the forefoot cushioning is... somewhat lacking. My feet were feeling it almost immediately, and the shins a little bit later, then the calves started in at about 4 miles or so. Still averaged under 8 minute per mile pace. I retired the shoes after today's run. They were THAT uncomfortable.

I may get a chance to check out the New Balance Minimus line in person this weekend. And I might just end up with another pair of shoes...

On another note, we've had good luck with classified ads this week. I listed a motorcycle (the one I got for my wife last year) on Thursday, and had interested buyers on Friday, and they picked it up on Sunday. My wife listed her road bike on Tuesday, and it was sold last night. Now the quest begins in earnest for a bike that really fits her. She's got her eye on one listed in Craig's List, and another possible at a local bike shop.

She's excited about it. Almost to the N+1 point...

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