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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random musings

It's been an interesting journey... I realized today that I'm making kind of a circle. From just learning, to being a competetor, to being an "ex" competetor, to volunteering, to having a very active role in putting on races, to now being co-race director.

My wife is going on a mission trip with Corner of Love to Nicaragua, and to help raise money for the trip, we're putting on a 5K -- The Love-Able 5K. It'll be in my old home town, about 4 miles from what was my parents' house, so I know the area very well. Though my wife is doing 99% of the foot work, she's been asking me to chime in on a lot of things, and I'll be there on race day to help with logistics, set-up, tear-down, and everything else. It's fun and interesting (though maybe not so much if you ask her) to see all that really goes into putting on a race, even a small benefit event like this. And with it scheduled for April 23rd, there's not a lot of time to get things together. I'm glad we have BuDu as a brain-trust to help out as well.

I went on a mountain bike ride today, the first since my DNF. My tires were still packed with mud from that day when I pulled it out of the back of my this morning. I'm sure I left a path of dirt blobs for the first 50 yards or so. But with the rain today, it didn't last long. I don't know what the temps were, but I was getting cold the last couple miles of the ride, and my legs never did get in the groove. I kept thinking my brakes were rubbing or something.

We went to a tri clinic last Saturday in Eatonville, put on by the local Luna Chix team. It was fun, but as it was geared towards beginners (and those who've never done a race before), I felt a little out of my element. But... One of our friends is on the team, and was helping give the clinic. So today she announced that she's doing RAMROD this year. Well, my wife threw out this idea that she wants to do that next year. I've done it a couple times (1988 and 1991), and it's a TOUGH ride, especially if you want to do it fast. But registration is all by lottery, and to guarantee your place the following year, you can volunteer. Well, looks like we'll be volunteering this year! My wife said that this is her run year, and next year is her biking year. Oh, and out of the tri clinic we found a good bike fitter for her to go to so that she can get her bike dialed in. Actually, she needs a new bike, as the Bianchi Eros that she bought used a year ago is too big for her. We'll see what comes out of that fit...

And I guess I need to get some riding as well...

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