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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Might as well be a 5 lb booger...

Okay, I pilfered that line from an old (about 1990) ad for bike lights, maybe "Nightsun"... It talked about how light systems are heavy and ineffective.

Well, today was that day. Rain, from heavy to drizzle, through the whole run. I wore some pants that are really some old weight lifting "baggies", though not a baggy as was the rage in the early 90's. Anyway, they're a non-stretchy jersey knit. Okay, with the rain, I had water splashing up the back of my legs through the whole run as well. Didn't take long for the pants to be clinging to the backs of my legs, holding a whole lot of water. "Might as well be a 5 lb booger" came to mind. Not the most fun of runs.

So anyway, this is the 3rd run this week. Missed yesterday due to having a group lunch (instead of going out for my run), and the after-work time not permitting. I went out this morning kind of thinking I'd be getting close to 5 miles, but it toruned out to be 5.5 instead. Hit a good pace, but I felt like I was laboring -- not fast, just like I didn't have it today. It didn't feel like I was pushing a faster pace at all. Tomorrow will be another run, Saturday off, then run on Sunday and Monday.

Next time, discussion of Frieberg's Infraction.

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