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Monday, December 13, 2010

Another 6 miler...

I hadn't planned initially on doing another 6, it just turned out to be the right thing... Almost the same pace as Friday, the same route. Temp was 54 when I started, and I ran in a short-sleeved T-shirt. In December. Yesterday's constant rain had left the ground sopping went, so I had a nearly constant spray on the backs of my legs, but I felt great. I really miss warm runs...

Lisa (my girlfriend) said one more time that she wants to do a half-marathon next year. She'd mentioned it a few weeks ago, then put it out of her mind when she saw how much entry fees were (she was looking at the Seattle Rock 'n Roll half). She wants it around that time of year (June). Anyway, she mentioned it again last night, and even has one in mind in Chicago (flat). Looks like we'll be doing that one together!!! :^)

I was looking at other halfs to do, to see what I could do on my own... There's the Tacoma City half on May 1st, but that's also the same day as the Mt Rainier Duathlon (a BuDu Racing event), and I imagine we'll be helping out with that one. But... there's the Tacoma Narrows half on August 6th... Tougher course (winning time last year was 1:09 and change), but I'm not really gunning for the win (my worst time ever in a half was 1:06 or so, and that was when I was in college, but my best isn't much faster). I'd like to make it under 8:00 pace though. It's a smaller event, so it may be one of those things where I'd be alone through a lot of the run. And it has the potential to be... warm. But I like the heat. We'll see. Registration for that one doesn't open 'til April 29th.

Happy things happening...

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