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Saturday, December 4, 2010

I need more long-ish routes...

Typing this again... ended up deleting it before posting.

So I did a long-ish route this morning at 7:30... 27 degrees out. I took Jake with me, as he needed the energy drain. So I ran 5.73 up through Pierce College and around Bradley Lake Park (but not around the lake). And it was one of the worse runs. Not because of how I did physically, or the cold, or anything like that. It was Jake. Shying away from EVERYTHING! Cars, traffic cones, sign posts, fences, balloons... Add in about a dozen people walking their dogs on the campus, Jake dragging me through mud and soaking one foot (with over 2 miles to go), and I was just NOT a happy runner.

So I'm contemplating whether I want to take Jake with me on my runs any more. Or at least maybe not on these routes. I don't know...

Also, I guess I'm realizing that, a week after the Seattle Marathon, I'm kind of leaning towards doing a half marathin myself. So if that's true, then I'll need some more routes in the 5-10 mile and beyond range. If I'm going to do a 13.1 mile event, I'm going to want to run longer than that before the day...

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