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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I love it when a plan comes together.

That famous line by George Peppard, playing Hannibal Smith in the old series The A Team. Usually when they've saved some scheme from certain disaster by the skin of their teeth.

Well, I wasn't flirting with disaster, but some things have kind of fallen into place in the last few days, and it feels pretty good.

First, the car that I just bought a week ago had the "check enine" indicator light up the morning after I got it home. With all of 15 miles on the clock since leaving the lot. Wow.

It's a used car, with the "as-is/no warranty" sheet we sign on any previously abused vehicle. I was a bit worried taking it in to get it checked out. The dealership could have just said "tough luck" and fully be within their legal rights. But they traced down the cause of the #3 cylinder misfire and replaced a few parts on their dime, with little asking on my part.

That's the kind of service that will have me, if not going back, at the very least giving good rep to Auburn VW.

On top of that, the insurance for my framebuilding business is in place. That means my customers are protected should anything go seriously wrong with a build. And it protects my family from the same.

Also, I attended the Seattle Bike Expo this past Sunday. Though the show was smaller than in years past, and there were some notable absences, I made some important connections with some local builders, got some information about the Oregon Handmade Bike and Beer Fest in Portland this fall (where I plan to exhibit for the first time). I also gleaned a few ideas for making the displays -- simple and effective, easy to transport.

But one of the things that has got me really jazzed is my connection with Hopworks Urban Brewery. Dave Levy at TiCycles Fabrication indicated that they'd be likely very willing to support the Lucky Deuce Gravel Crusher in July, so I sent them an email. Within a couple hours I had a return phone call, and we worked out some of the details. They're going to supply some of their craft brews for the evening get-together! Free beer!

So I'm riding a bit of a wave now. Feels good.

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