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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Don't bother hitting the "Comment" button -- it's turned off.

Or more specifically, it's now restricted to "team members" only.

Who are "team members"? No one. At least not you, anyway.

When I started up this diary (diarrhea?) of thoughts, I welcomed comments, a discourse, reflections of my thoughts on others, reactions, derision, and maybe the occasional slap across the face. And I've gotten a few.

What I got a whole lot more of is "comments" that are nothing but a link to some webstore, porn site, smoking cessation plan, or whatever. I've never actually clicked on any of the links. Some of them are at least creative enough to add a few words (usually of very broken English) with the "check out my blog -- http://..." at the end.

A couple of these a day I can handle -- click on the Delete button.

It's gotten to several every hour. Ridiculous.

A look at the statistics of this blog shows a very interesting and telling story -- almost half of my pageviews come from Ukraine and Russia. That explains the broken English. Phishing and scams.

So if this works, I may eventually explore opening the comments section with some securities in place at a future date.

In the mean time, sorry to my legit audience, you'll have to hold your tongue for a while. Or find another way to vent your frustrations. Maybe go flog your bike or running shoes.

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