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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking back, looking forward

Happy New Year!

Changing that last digit of the date, putting a new calendar on the wall, seems to trigger something in a lot of us. All those squares on the twelve calendar pages from the previous year getting stored away, a little walk down memory lane before it goes into the recycle bin, and some thoughts, hopes, for the coming year that will fill up the squares of the new twelve pages.

I closed out 2012 with some celebration (my wife and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary), a ride on the trainer, some video entertainment, and a whole lot of noise outside (the fireworks all over the neighborhood started early and stayed all the way 'til midnight). But that was just the last day of 2012.

What of the previous 364 days?

Certainly there were many memorable days in there, some of which I wrote about in this blog. RAMROD, some long training days, a triathlon with my wife, putting on a bike race with my wife and the Wheelsport Cycling Team. A lot of learning.

Training wise, my run mileage was less than half of 2011's, but I'm fine with that -- I let go of chasing a round number from that year which was detrimental, and drove me to injury. Older and wiser, I hope. For cycling, I hit 3674 miles, but that doesn't include any off-road or trainer time. 335 hours 37 minutes total, which at an average of only 17 mph would be over 5700 total miles for the year. Not bad. Certainly others do more, and some less. Swim-wise, I basically did the minimum I had to do to get through the events on my calendar. And again, I'm fine with that.

Looking ahead to 2013:

* I don't have plans to do RAMROD again (though since my wife volunteered this past year, I'd have a lottery bypass, but it's just not on my to-do for the year), and the only real "must do" event is the Bonney Lake Triathlon on Labor Day weekend.

* We will put on the Joe Matava Memorial Criterium again this year, July 4th.

* I still want to do the run/hike route around the Crystal Mountain basin. It just sounds like a fun "adventure day". Will likely plan this for an early-summer or late spring day, with an eye on the weather.

* I still plan to do the 150K 50th birthday challenge in September, though I will need to change my planned route for a swimming venue.

* A trip to Las Vegas in in the plans for September also, which will include attending Interbike for the first time ever.

* And I WILL start frame building in 2013. I now have two old and broken frames to cut up for practice joints.

So it's an exciting year coming up, with a lot of changes and some continuances.

What do you have planned for 2013?

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