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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Post-race lows

This is a different kind of post-race experience.

For most racers, especially people who spend a long time working towards a particular event -- triathletes doing an Ironman, for example -- the post race euphoria of accomplishment swiftly becomes a mental and emotional low, a "what now?" state maybe accompanied by a physical lack of energy and desire to train.

For me, today, it's different (and I'm sure it's more than doubly so for my wife).

Yesterday, just over 24 hours ago, in fact, the Category 4/5 men racing the Joe Matava Memorial Classic Criterium were whistled onto the course to sprint each other figuratively into the ground (and in one case, literally onto the ground). After another nine groups had made their rounds of the .6 mile loop, we sent the kids off for their enthusiastic lap (and I got the honor of handing them their ribbons at the end), then we vacated quickly to open up the Independence Day Parade route.

The culmination of many hours of work leading up to the high-stress day, my wife doing the bulk of them while I worked my day job.

The event itself was a huge success. With 174 online race entries as of the day before the event, and almost the same amount on the day of the event, we came close to equaling record attendance. The nice weather may have had a lot to do with that, but you can't argue with the end results.

The racing was exciting, I'd love to say that the day came off without a hitch, but there were a couple minor glitches (which we quickly corrected), and we'll have a de-briefing (and my jr high sense of humor can't say that without thinking of being pantsed) with the lead USA Cycling official on how to improve for future events.

The low today? Well, mostly not enough sleep (after yesterday morning's early hour and last night's war zone impersonation in my neighborhood -- with the requisite road litter and fog of sulfur this morning). And just wanting a day off. My wife already asked if it was okay to take today off... OF COURSE IT IS!

It was a good day, which wouldn't have come off without the help of our sponsors at Burien Toyota/Scion, Bicycles West of Burien, Eliot Bay Brewhouse, Burien Press Coffee, Mick Kelly's Irish Pub, Vino Bello, 909 Coffee & Wine, Grand Central Baking Company, and Skinperfect.

 And a HUGE thank you to all our volunteers at Wheelsport Cycling Team (who was our partner in putting on this event, and have put on the previous 36 editions of this event) and our Lucky Cause Sports board members.

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