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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jack Frost nipping at your nose...

It's cold out. Temps have barely broken freezing at the warmest part of the day. Areas that don't see the sun stay frosty all day.

And I've had a blast riding my bike to and from work the last two days.

Early morning (3:45 this morning, just a little later than that yesterday) make for very quiet roads. An extended dry spell -- around here this time of year that constitutes two days -- made fore clear roads with the exception of where overnight fog deposited a thin layer of frost. Mostly in the bike lane.

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday (referring to running, but it's appropriate for riding as well): There is no inappropriate weather, just inappropriate clothing. Aside from my face, I've been just fine riding into the low 20's for the half-hour that the ride takes.

It's also a good exercise in keeping things smooth. No hard power bursts, no sudden steering inputs or weight shifts.

The Surly Cross Check has been performing very well. I'll post a full build report and ride review very soon, as I've got about 150 miles in the bike already.

So I'm two for two on bike commutes so far this year. Not that I've got some no-car goal. It does save me $3 in gas each day vs. driving my car to work. I put that money aside as fun bike spending money...

I'm not sure what I'll do yet when the weather turns nasty (cold isn't nasty, it's just cold -- rain is nasty, and it does that a lot around here). I'll likely ride more often on days when I normally wouldn't have last year.

I've got the bike for it.

And the clothing.

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