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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just two short weeks away - Altra Samson!

This morning I had an email from Altra Zero Dop, stating that the Samson/Delilah is available NOW for pre-order for March 1st delivery.

Wow! That's the second model that Altra has introduced this year (the Provision/Provisioness being the other). The Samson is in essence a lace-up, slightly beefed up version of the Adam. Using the same sole as the Adam/Eve, and adding a mesh upper, laces, and 3.5mm of A-Bound midsole. The insole is optional, and measures in at 3mm thickness, for a total stack-up of 10mm, same as the Merrell Trail Glove.

I tried on the Adam some time back, and while it was comfortable, the forward strap seemed to potentially be in slightly the wrong place. Changing to laces, and adding only a slight amount of midsole could make these about as perfect of a minimalist shoe for me as they come. The last shape of the Altras fits me better than the Merrells, and with the 10mm total stack-up, and the flat sole (possibly much like the Road Glove), on-the-road comfort should be maximised.

Altra has been coming on strong in the year they've been on the market, and they've still got a few more things coming in the future. I wish the boys from Utah the greatest of success. By all indications, they've got as great things headed their way as they've been giving us runners.

(NOTE: Image copied from the Altra Zero Drop site.)

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derscott said...

Yep, looking forward to trying them out, but not sure when they are going to hit my local shop.