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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Well, not really. But it kind of looks like it's snowing. 

Little white things floating around in the air, settling on the sides of the road, like cold dry snow, drifting, stirring up by passing vehicles.

Yes, there are places in the world where it actually does snow this time of year. Far from here, in the southern hemisphere, where they are in late fall and approaching winter. It doesn't snow here in May.

It's the annual cottonwood seed crop.

Yesterday was bad. Today was even worse.

At 10 am, the grassy areas were still wet. And then the cottonwood seeds would accumulate in the bare areas. My tires would get caked with wet white stuff, and then fling it all over on the descents.

I felt like I was slowly accumulating a white ghillie suit. Ready for sniper duty on planet Hoth!

Cottonwoods are such horrible trees. Truly weeds of the forest. Dropping limbs in even light winds, breaking apart when you try to fell them... And burning the wood is best left to fully enclosed wood stoves, as it smells terrible.

And the seed crop.

Hopefully it'll be over with quickly.

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