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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A Blessed Event (BuDu Racing Mt Rainier Duathlon)

No, not a birth. Sorry, no cute pink-n-wrinkly newborn pictures.

This is about an event, a race, the BuDu Racing Mt Rainier Duathlon, which was this past Sunday in Enumclaw, WA.

I've participated in this event in various capacities over the years, as a racer in its first few years, to volunteering in positions of traffic control, timing chip retrieval, and motor support (lead-out and draft marshaling), and now as one of the multi-sport series sponsors (this is my third year giving a custom bike frame and fork to one of the athletes that does at least three of the six multi-sport events that BuDu Racing promotes and executes).

And in all my time at this race, set against the entrance to the Cascade mountains, I've never been rained on during the event.

These guys are somehow blessed when it comes to this race.

This is in Washington, the Pacific north-wet (no, that's not a typo). It rains here. A lot. Especially at the Cascade foothills where the moist ocean air unloads itself to make it over the mountains. Timed in the spring at Beltane (April 30th for those not aware of a Pagan calendar -- and no, I'm not Pagan), the odds are good that an odd rainfall or ten would deluge the race right off the road. And I understand one year there was a pretty good hailstorm, but I was elsewhere on the course at the time and (thankfully) missed out. I've had the rain chase me home after the race a couple times, this past Sunday being one of those. We were just getting everything into the BuDu trailers when the skies opened up. 

I'd like to know what anti-rain dance they're doing!

But for the Regional Long-course Duathlon Championships, BuDu again put on a flawless race, with great support all around. And they even had the race results posted online before everything was packed up. First-class event organizers, these folks.

Oh, and they do a load of other races with timing and course set-up. 

I'll be at their June 9th event in Moses Lake as well, delivering the bike that was awarded last season's lucky winner. I hope she likes it.

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