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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Pics or it didn't happen

There's a common reply when some one claims some extraordinary feat or accomplishment on any kind of social setting (whether social media or in conversation), "Pics or it didn't happen!"

It's said it jest, really (at least normally so in my experience). 

Well, in cycling circles (social circles, not literal riding a bike in circles), there's a twist on that response -- "Strava or it didn't happen!"

Strava, for those of you who might not know, is a social media type of GPS-based tracking application for smartphones and other GPS-enabled devices, recording speed, distance, route, and performance vs. other users on any user-defined "segments" (sections of a route, usually an uphill, where the time split is compared to every other user who traveled over the same section). Segments are another subject entirely...

Anyway, today was a ride that didn't happen.

I usually track my rides via Strava on my smartphone. I start it up when I push off to start a ride, put it in my jersey pocket, and don't touch it again until I'm done. I don't even have a speedometer on my handlebars any more. I kind of ride "unplugged", and just check the speed, distance, and sometimes the segments (if the system flags me and tells me I did well on a particular segment) after the ride is done.

But today, I was in a hurry, starting a little earlier than normal to fit a ride in before a noon meeting. When I got to the locker room to suit up, I realized I'd left my phone on my desk. Not wanting to sacrifice the time to go get it, I rode without, and just used my wrist stopwatch to time the ride. I estimated the average speed (it's usually within a couple tenths of a mile-per-hour) to get the distance.

I'm fine with that. At least until some one puts me to the test on it (not that I expect anyone to do so, especially since I don't crow about what an accomplishment the daily ride might be).

But if they did... It didn't happen.

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