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Monday, March 12, 2018

Ghost Rider

I took a ride with ghosts yesterday. They stayed with me through two hours of roads, and some off-pavement stuff that had me grinning.
No, I'm not going to post
pictures of my legs...

The sun was out, which is nice, but it was also warm! Well, at least getting near 60, which is warm enough. Okay, not warm "enough", since I really like it when it's in the high 70's to low 80's, but for March, I'll take it.

Certainly it was warm enough for shorts. As in no additional leg coverings (!!). My normal lower-body dressing for riding starts with shorts, shoes, and socks. Add knee warmers if needed (below 60), toe covers or oversocks. Below 50 and I have the toe covers and oversocks, tights over the knee warmers. Below 40 it's the winter shoes, and I'm contemplating wind-proof tights.

I wore an orange jersey, a Christmas gift, for the first time. As I was leaving, my wife said I'd be bright on the road. But she wasn't looking at the jersey.

Yep, after a fall and winter of indoor trainer rides and layering on the lower extremeties, my gams are pale. The ghosts were brought out. Sorry to all you folks blinded by the glare.

But after just a little over a two hour ride, I have tan lines.

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