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Monday, February 16, 2015

It's February, right?

We've had some pretty incredible days of weather recently. High's near 60, clear or mostly clear skies. Perfect riding weather.

In the PacNW reagion, we will routinely get what I call a "teaser week" of weather, usually around the end of February. Temps will climb, college students will break out the shorts and tank tops. Thoughts turn towards spring...

Only to have it come crashing down with a March 1st snowstorm. It's happened more than I can count.

But this is strange. While the east coast is setting records for snowfall, we're a good couple months ahead of the curve.

Not that I'm complaining. I've gotten out on some great rides, though still shorter than I'd like. Something about not quite being in shape for the distance yet... I keep having to remind myself that it's February.

My trainer is getting lonely. Breaks my heart (NOT!).

If this were our normal kind of winter, I wouldn't be thinking of warmer, drier climes for a future move. Bring it on!

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