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Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer on the horizon? Random stuff.

Can you believe May is almost over? June is on the horizon.

Ah, June... Kids out of school, released to enjoy an all-too-brief respite from classroom lock-down into the "summer" months...

The way the weather keeps going, I wonder if we need to make another calendar shift, like when the idea of leap year was introduced. Winter seems to be hanging on longer (all you Midwest types will agree, I'm sure), summer temps and reliably sunny weather doesn't come until mid-July, and September has been the best month of the year for the last several years. Maybe a shift of a month or so is in order.
Tomorrow morning is the first race for the Rock Steady youth tri team at the Issaquah Triathlon. I'll be going out there to cheer them on and lend whatever moral support and advice is needed. My personal feeling is that this race is too damn early in the year... Tri season around here used to start at the END of June. Now there are races in April. Brr...

I went out for the team's open water swim workout last week at Five Mile Lake in Federal Way, WA. Wetsuits required... I had mine, plus some dive boots and a neoprene cap, and I STILL froze my jewels off. The kids were swimming and in and out of the water for half-again as long as I lasted. The brats. Yes, youth is indeed wasted on the young.
My weekend plan is to do a long ride at some point, which will include some long sections of gravel road. I've got a couple choices, but likely will only get to do one of them before the Leavenworth Grand Fondo. And either one of them may still not be completely passable due to snow.

One goes up toward Mowich Lake in the Mt Rainier National Forest. That is an out-and-back up some good climbs on gravel.

The other is a two-loop between Eatonville and Elbe, taking in parts of Pack Forest and gravel backroads north of Elbe.

Problem is, the gravel starts at 24 and 27 miles from my house, respectively.

Depending on whether Inspired Ride needs me to work Saturday will determine whether I do the ride tomorrow or Sunday.


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