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Friday, May 17, 2013

Bike to Work Day

Today is the official National Bike to Work Day. Woohoo.

I've always wondered about the intelligence of making May the national emphasis on bicycle riding. And THIS particular day the bike-media chooses to encourage every one to ride a bike to work rather than drive.

I'm about 50% for the year on riding my bike to work. I've ridden when it's 25 degrees out.

Today is the first time I've ever biked to work on Bike to Work Day. And if it had been ANY other day, I would have driven my car.
The weather map just after I got to work. Note the arrow...
Yup, smack in the middle of the rain. Lovely.

EVERY STINKIN' YEAR the weather is absolute crap on Bike to Work Day.

Sure, this is the Pacific Northwest, and rain is what we do. There is no such thing as reliable nice weather until July 15th. WHY do we choose to do this in May? Aren't we supposed to be ENCOURAGING people to ride their bikes?

I can just see the people who don't normally ride who might just take up 2 wheels today... Look at the forecast. "I don't THINK so!" And we lose about 40% of them. Waking up in the morning and hearing the little pitter-patter on the roof -- another 30%. Another 20% are lost on the way to getting ready to hit the road. The bike is right next to the car in the garage, and the siren song of a dry commute is just to strong.

And then there's the hardy 10% that will go ahead and brave the weather, and realize somewhere between their driveway and maybe half-way to work that this sucks BIG TIME and never want to touch their bike again. Maybe one will continue to ride. Not 1%... One.

Okay, maybe I'm being generous.

I rode today. It was raining. And if it had been colder, I probably would have ditched it myself. The ride wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't that bad either. fenders make all the difference. Road spray enema isn't fun at any time.

Maybe Seattle should succeed from the May Bike to Work Day movement, put it on hold until July.

Hopefully things will dry up at least a LITTLE for the afternoon ride home.

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