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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The eve of our destruction

On the eve of The Ride (RAMROD, for those not versed in my blog), I sit on the couch with a B movie playing on Netflix (SO many movies I've never heard of...), wiling away the last few hours before I feel tired enough to actually go to bed and sleep... Most events don't put me into this kind of mood. I've done so many runs, bike races, and tri's that I don't get nervous any more. 

I look ahead to not only the event itself, but what comes after -- a little rest, then some time with more concentration on running, and adding some swim training. I'll be doing the Bonney Lake Triathlon on September 1st. 

Whatever happens tomorrow, I've put in a lot of good bike mileage, I've enjoyed the journey, and my weight has come down to about 155 lbs. Good climbing weight. And my wife likes the definition in my arms... 

Weather for tomorrow looks perfect -- morning temps in the low 50's, and should be about 75 at the finish, and few clouds. 

My only real concern is the condition of the road on the descents. There are reports of several sections of gravel, with high pavement lips at the end that could cause pinch flats or even failed rims if hit too hard. I'll have to keep my speed in check on these parts, which is too bad. That's the reward for the climb! 

Look for an event report in the next couple days.

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