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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random Tidbits

  • My wife and I will be at the Mr Crampy's tent on Saturday for the Issaquah Triathlon, working bike support along with Justin. Given my last post, this should be interesting.
  • May is just about over (just a matter of a few hours now). Weather has been the normal mix in the Northwest -- teaser warm (and in a couple cases, hot) days, days where we got our full-measure of our 20% chance of rain, and days where it just couldn't make up its mind. But we're three weeks away from the official start of summer. But still almost six weeks away from when the weather gets reliably warmer and dryer. It always seems like the sun stays kind of shy until a week after July 4th. I remember one summer just a few years ago where it stopped raining in mid-June, and stayed dry until after Labor Day. We even had one day at 108 degrees... Riding my motorcycle, it was actually cooler standing still than moving.
  • Over the last few months, Skechers has sent me several test shoe models, and I can't wait to be able to tell you about them.  Good stuff coming out of their labs. The whole process of working with them has a small-company feel to it -- nimble, open to feedback, conversations going both ways. Given the size of Skechers as a company, this is very refreshing. It's not often that one gets an email from a VP of a company.
  • Things are coming together for the Joe Matava Memorial Classic Criterium on July 4th in Burien, put on by Lucky Cause Sports and Wheelsport Cycling Team.

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Wilks Desre said...

You're lucky enough to even have a speck of sunlight to touch the ground. Just hope for the better weather days for the summer to get yourself moving on those vacation plans. We'll also be looking forward to more of your adventures and tidbits such as this post.