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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's the little things...

Yesterday's ride was one of the most uncomfortable ever.

It isn't often that I just wish a ride were over, even when I'm doing what would be considered well over the mileage to which I've adapted. Yesterday was one of those days, though.

And it wasn't even saddle sores. In fact, that was probably the one area that DIDN'T hurt.

So let's back up a bit. I worked on Saturday, so my only workout of the day was one hour on trainer before riding the motorcycle an hour to get up to Redmond. Sunday was a day of no workout, though I spend several hours on the motorcycle doing lead-motor duties for the Mt Rainer Duathlon in Enumclaw. Oh, but we had a little family push-up challenge...

My wife convinced me to take yesterday off work (sometimes called "eye trouble" -- I can't see coming in to work on such a nice day -- or "calling in stupid") so I could do a long ride. It took all of maybe 30 seconds deliberation to decided to do it. Projected highs were set to be in the low 70's with clear skies, so it was going to be a perfect day. I got out the door at about 12:15, and headed out toward the ranger station on the Carbon River (Mt Rainier National Park).

Within a few miles, I could tell things weren't perfect.

I had made a little adjustment to my saddle angle a little over a week ago, and while it was comfy for the rides I did in Richland, with a max of 40 miles, it wasn't going to work for 80-plus. I was sliding forward on the saddle, and then pushing myself backwards with my arms and legs. Did I mention the push-up contest? Yeah, sore triceps. And pushing back with my legs got my ITB flared up a bit in my right leg, which only showed up when I stood up out of the saddle.

With 20 miles to go, I was done. Triceps were locking up, ITB was stabbing me any time I tried to stand, I was constantly trying to push myself back, so the traps were starting to complain, low back was sore from trying to arch, and the gloves were pushing into the spaces between my fingers (from pushing backwards).

And all that from just a little adjustment of the saddle. Little things can make such a HUGE difference.

I'll be tipping the nose back up, and sliding it back a tad.

And everything is sore today. Except my taint.

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