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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The law of threes, again.

Okay, so my curse continues... and the law of threes is proven yet again.

Yesterday, I filled out the entry form for my first (and likely only) tri of the season, the Bonney Lake Tri, and funny enough, this is the same race I did last year as my final race of the season. Because of my work with BuDu Racing, I do get comp'd the occasional race entry fee. My wife was going to take in the form today (she's an employee of BuDu).

Last night was the last aquathon of the series of four, which started 6 weeks ago. Conditions were MUCH better than two weeks ago...

But I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

I wrote about the vacation, and running on the beach... We drove back on Tuesday, taking a route around Mt St Helens. On the way back to the interstate, I got a "performance award" from the state patrol. Hit #1...

Yesterday, on my lunchtime ride, I got a flat on my MTB, which cut the ride short. Hit #2... And it turns out I don't have a spare tube, so I'll be hitting up the bike shop on the way home today.

I kept thinking of that axiom "bad things happen in threes", and wondered when that third thing would drop, and what it would be. Little did I know it would be so soon.

So back to the aquathon. The swim went fine. The run to the transition went fine. Trying to get out of my wetsuit... Not so fine. Something happened where I stepped on part of the wetsuit, and bent my toes back and sideways pretty violently. It hurt, but I didn't think much of it, got my shoes on, and got going with the run. I could feel it during the run, but knew I'd tweaked them so just figured it was residual. I ended up 4th across the finish line in my best time of the series.

Well, after the race was over, and I took my shoes off, I realized there was some damage. I couldn't move the second toe without sharp pain, and it was starting to turn a nice shade of purple. I immediately chased down a double-dose of ibuprofen. I wasn't so sure I hadn't broken it. Hit #3...

This morning, I can move it without too much pain, and it's swollen a bit, and more purple, but I think I'll be okay for the sprint tri on Saturday. It's just a 3 mile run...

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