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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Clouds in the sky... blankets on the ground

Well, it seems summer is over in the Seattle area. All three weeks of it. In a matter of 3 days, the temperatures have dropped from the low- to mid-80's to a projected high of 63 today.

I've missed a couple workouts this week for scheduling issues. One of them was a dentist appointment -- my gums got a workout instead. But on my run Tuesday, I was impressed with how different it felt to be running under a cloudy sky. It's amazing how quickly I got used to the nice weather, almost expecting it to continue. A couple years ago I was spoiled by a summer that arrived in mid-June and stuck around into mid-September, with high's in the 80's (and above, some days well above) almost every day.

And I was also impressed with the mottled yellow-and-green blanket down one particular stretch of trail... The cottonwood leaves had turned, and it seemed overnight, dropped to an almost complete covering of the ground. The leaves are still moist enough that they're quiet, but it won't be long before they're all dry and loud. Crunching with every footfall. It's difficult to run quiet when the ground is covered with corn flakes...

Fall is here.

I was joking with Eric about needing long sleeves. I mentioned to him about doing the trail 10K on October 23rd, and he suggested that I do the Seattle Half-Marathon in November (the Saturday after Thanksgiving). I said, "That's too cold! I'd have to wear 4 layers!" Last year it snowed the week before the race. Race morning was something like 27 degrees.

I'm very much a warm-weather runner. Not that I don't run in cold temperatures... I just prefer running in warm weather, where I can get by with the three S's -- shorts, shoes, and socks. And when it comes to racing, I like a range of mid-60's to mid-80's (with a preference to the upper end of that range).


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