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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Merrell Trail Glove -- maiden voyage

I ran in the Trail Gloves today for the first time. I kind of overdressed, as the weather was cold and I'd planned to take the pace easy this first time out.

I ran a normal weekday lunchtime route (for me), with a mix of pavement, gravel, dirt, and grass.

Immediately I noticed the lack of heel drop, almost with a feeling like the balls of my feet were on top of some thicker material. Not uncomfortable, but took some getting used to. Also, that same feeling of total toe freedom was there throughout the whole run.

I did notice that the shoes felt like they were slipping some on the wet pavement. The sole material is harder than most, and especially moreso than the Kinvara's I've gotten used to. I felt like my calves were worked, which is really just a byproduct of no heel drop. I'm not sore at all now, but we'll see how things feel in the morning. The ground feel (which is an important thing for barefoot runners, not so much for me) was slightly less than my old Nike Waffle Racers, so not bad. The overall feel was much the same, but with MUCH better room and fit.

All through the run, I thought I was going slow. The final pace, though, was right in there with my normal training runs.

Was this maiden voyage a success? I'd have to say it was. Glad I bought them.

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