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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"It makes a HUGE difference."

That's a quote from a co-worker of mine, a "new" triathlete (who has a great story to tell, losing some 60 lbs in a year, doing a few triathlons, and now having a "light" training day meaning almost 2 hours at the local YMCA) after a run in his new shoes.

He'd asked me a couple questions about running shoes last week, and had made his purchase late in the week. Choosing New Balance (a brand he's had decent luck with), he went with 2E width instead of the normal D so that he'd have more toe room.

"It makes a HUGE difference," he said.

"You've been reading my blog."

"Yup," he replied.

It's always nice to know when you've helped some one.

Hey Eric, I hope the rest of the miles in those shoes are as nice as the first.

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