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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Many bikes, one seatpost -- Cirrus Cycles Kinekt

Well, two seatposts, really. One being the carbon-shafted version.

But today I just had the thought that since March 8th, I've been riding exclusively on the Cirrus Cycles Kinekt seatpost, on four difference bikes. One road bike, and three off-pavement bikes.

It represents a little over 280 hours of riding over varying terrain, though mostly on gravel roads. Within that are five events, ranging from a road metric century to a two-day epic off-pavement tour.

I've made some efforts to keep them clean, making two small fenders that attach to the seatpost shaft just below the parallelogram linkage. Just enough coverage to keep the road spray at bay.

I'd posit that it's still a little early to properly judge the longevity of the Kinekt, but it's safe to say I'm well into the long-term test phase. 

All I can say about the Kinekt is that I'm beyond happy with the performance and comfort it profers. It's not that the Kinekt makes me faster in raw speed, but the comfort, the isolation from road buzz and the minor-but-constant small hits from gravel, mean less fatigue -- and that means more speed later, or slowing down less.

So far, the Kinekt seems to be as solid as day one, and I haven't babied them at all (well, other than keeping the grime away).

I'm no Charleton Heston, but you can have my Kinekt seatpost when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

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